Rows and floes of angel hair, and ice cream castles in the air.

Joni Mitchell wrote so eloquently on the subject of clouds. She had a good look at them from many angles, couldn’t figure them out and so it is with My Good Self.

They arrive, they go, and I am none the wiser.

So, last weekend was a little overcast. As ever music carries me through. The therapeutic value of making sounds that are pleasing to ones ear cannot be overstated.

And of course my good friend, the radio. Primarily the BBC World Service and 5 Live, with a little bit of RTE thrown in for good measure.

So today, the afternoon of Saturday 25 July, I am sipping on a glass of the Santa Helena Merlot, listening to 5 Live and doing a bit on the guitar version of the Stanley Myers piece ‘Cavatina’, link below.

It’s quite a challenging guitar piece with many barre chords but we’re getting there.

The Merlot makes it easier.

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