Dame Street

Given that College Green surprisingly runs down to Trinity Street, Dame Street is actually not as long a thoroughfare as I had always imagined it to be, calling it quits on its western end at Lord Edward Street.

Kicking off at the junction of Trinity Street on the southern side of affairs, the first point of interest is that Sweeneys Bar is no more. Always a good spot for a bit of music, it has been renamed as Mulligan & Haines, and acquired a Joycean feel to it, all of which sounds very positive.

I feel a visit coming on.

Moving along I pass The Mercantile Hotel, where an ensemble known as the Hot House Big Band used to entertain the masses of a Monday evening.

Crossing over South Great George’s Street and passing the impressive corner Burton Building, home for many years to the Burton menswear store, it now houses a Spar outlet at ground level.

Arriving further down outside City Hall, I cross over to the northside and happen upon the shop known as Fogarty Lock & Safe Co. Ltd.

Fogartys is one of those Dublin family shops that have stood the test of time. They are few and far between these days, long may they continue.

A few doors further on is Brogans Bar, a good spot for a pre gig pint when heading to the nearby Olympia Theatre.

On the go as a music hall since 1855, the Olympia acquired its current name in 1923 and is one of the great Dublin institutions.

Crossing over Eustace Street I soon find myself outside the premises known as Club Lapello.

My Good Self has absolutely no idea what goes on here.

A little further on is the old Central Bank building, currently being transformed into a shopping centre.

And so there we have Dame Street, a mixed bag of many things and well worth a visit.

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