The Long Haul

Dark clouds are gathering. Numbers are rising. Restriction levels are going back up. Israel has returned to national lockdown, so who next? Winter is around the corner, social discipline is creaking, confusion is everywhere. And just to top it all off, The Great Institution of Chatham Street has closed its doors. Apart from that, we’re […]

September sun

Traditionally September is a good weather month for us Paddies. Or so it seems to me. And so it was a great pleasure to have had a few glorious days of late. Smelling the roses and the like almost seemed compulsory. The Phoenix Park and the Clontarf coastline were even more agreeable than normal. The […]

Return to Rita

I had just finished listening to Marty Whelans interview on Lyric fm with Van Morrison to celebrate the great mans 75th year in the universe. As is my norm the radio station gets changed come 10 bells when Marty bids adieu for the day. Niall Carroll’s ‘Classical Daytime’ just doesn’t do it for me. And […]

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