Halfway there

The ongoing quest to play alongside the John Williams recording of the classical guitar version of ‘Cavatina’ continues. I have reached the halfway point. One of the many great things about YouTube is the facility to slow down the speed of recordings in order to be able to play alongside them and I can now […]

Coming together

The dust is settling on the American election and it appears increasingly likely that Not So Sleepy Joe will actually get the keys to the cosy pad on Pennsylvania Avenue. And then the American public will have to somehow find ways of healing divisions. Similar to the little medical situation that has been hogging the […]

Thank you Donald

The real winner in last night’s US Presidential election was undoubtedly the large turnout. Like him or loathe him Donald Trump has succeeded in politically energising the American public. For all its flaws and sometime corruption, politics matters. It shapes the world in which we live whether we like it or not. And America matters, […]

Cloning Marty

I have written before in admiration of Marty Whelan and his breakfast show on Lyric fm. And so I am writing again on this subject. The man is just something of a national treasure in these interesting times. At least to my mind anyway. And so I sent off a little electronic communication to the […]

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