As Time Goes By

So there I was, having ambled along the boardwalk, made my way over the Millennium Bridge, wandered through the cobbled streets of Temple Bar, successfully negotiated the pedestrian crossing on Dame Street and was dreamily sauntering up South Great Georges Street when who should sidle up alongside me only The Cactus Man.

It was good to see him again.

A wee catch up ensued and he imparted to My Good Self the welcome news that he was living independently these days. Good on him.

Over in Pandemicland my vaccine registration day has almost arrived. Between variants and vaccines it seems that words beginning with the letter ‘v’ are all the rage of late.

Across in the sporting world the big news this week was the announcement of the Lions rugby squad to tour South Africa. Although Ireland has a healthy representation the focus of attention here has been on the omission of Johnny Sexton. Given the physical reputation of the Springboks and Sextons history of head injuries, it seems to me the right decision was made.

And finally on the musical front, a classical guitar arrangement for the tune ‘As time goes by’ has recently been making its way into my fingers.

Play it, Sam.

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