Civil conversation

As someone who has probably fallen out with more people than he has befriended thus far in his humble existence, I am most likely not the person to talk of mending fences and such things.

And so leaving history conveniently to one side, I was struck by something that I heard today on the American news channel, CNN.

It seems the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has something of a good track record when dealing with Joe Biden. The two men disagree with each other on many things but there exists a certain respect and trust between them.

All of which leads to the idea that things will get better Stateside.

Civil conversation between political opponents needs to break out and there is every indication that it will.

And for entertainment we will have the slightly deranged tweets from someone who has had absolute power for four years and who now refuses to accept defeat.

It’s all good.

Well almost.

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