Coming together

The dust is settling on the American election and it appears increasingly likely that Not So Sleepy Joe will actually get the keys to the cosy pad on Pennsylvania Avenue.

And then the American public will have to somehow find ways of healing divisions.

Similar to the little medical situation that has been hogging the global limelight this year, the only real way forward is to be found by people coming together.

On the home front it would appear that we have managed to get it together of late with numbers moving in a very positive direction.

The mist surrounding The Great Institution of Chatham Street is beginning to clear.

Back at The Ranch a new addition has been made to my classical guitar repertoire. ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ was not too difficult to learn, the issue was in installing all the notes and fingerings into the memory banks.

I’m almost there.

Next up is a simplified arrangement for a piece called Concerto de Aranquez, sometimes known as the Rodrigo Concerto, after the composer of the piece, Joaquin Rodrigo.

There’s a link to the full piece in all its glory below.

It’s worth a listen.

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  1. The quicker the mist clears the better! In dire need of a LOVELY pint of you know what! Hope all is well Peter.


    1. Hey there Eoin!! Fab to hear from you!! All good here thanks, hope all is well with you. Yes, a LOVELY pint of you know what is something I am very much looking forward to.
      I see you have a very cool new name!!
      Hope to see you soon Eoin,


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