Life goes on

And so lockdown number two is definitely not as ghostly as the original of the species.

There are certainly at least four or five people floating around Dublin City centre at any given time these days.

Maybe even six or seven.

There is certainly more traffic.

As for My Good Self I roll along in my own little self contained world. Music, radio, wine, food and the occasional stroll seem to keep me going. I do miss The Great Institution of Chatham Street and The Marine Hotel in Sutton.

Woe is me.

The Zoom business has been quite interesting of late. A positive discussion concerning a possible clinical trial on The Spherical Objects last Friday morning was followed yesterday by quite an interesting gig involving the Abbey Theatre.

The advent of Zoom has been one of the great plusses of the current situation, connecting people who often struggle to otherwise do so.

The American election is looming large on the horizon and should provide a few weeks of entertainment, at least.

Media focus has been on the ‘swing’ states. It seems that Pennsylvania is key.

The real issue here, which only gets fleeting attention, is the American political system itself.

Leaving aside the debate on the electoral college aspect of things, this is the second presidential election running where the ‘lesser of two evils’ idea will again be a factor.

To an extent Donald Trump was elected in 2016 on an anti-Hilary vote. And now the tables have turned.

There must be a better way of doing things.

On the home front the numbers are moving in a good direction.

Fingers, toes, legs, ears and eyes are all crossed.

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