The Santa situation

Here we go again.

The first lockdown actually worked reasonably well, so basic logic would have it that this one will see a similar result.

All of which leads to the debate between basic logic and human behaviour. Heretofore these two aspects of existence have not always seen eye to eye.

I fear disagreement is once again at hand.

Feel free to call me a pessimistic bo****ks if you wish, (I promise not to take offence), but I will be happily surprised if the pandemic gig has improved in six weeks time.

All of which leads to the most pressing question of human existence to date.

Will Santa be ok for the big day?

The mere thoughts of The Great Man not being around are inconceivable.

We have to get it together.

We need Santa.

I, for one, am living in hope.

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  1. Of course he will. Did you not know that the fairies have been working hard with fairies throughout the land to make a gossimer sheath. This means he can fly into every country and not get sick or catch any nasty things. I have been reliably informed.


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