September sun

Traditionally September is a good weather month for us Paddies.

Or so it seems to me.

And so it was a great pleasure to have had a few glorious days of late. Smelling the roses and the like almost seemed compulsory.

The Phoenix Park and the Clontarf coastline were even more agreeable than normal.

The Summit Inn at the top of Howth Head is in distinct danger of becoming a regular haunt.

Musically speaking ‘Greensleeves’ is loosely under the guitar belt. It was a relatively easy piece to learn. All that remains is to ingrain it into the memory banks and get it on to automatic pilot.

Next up is the Scottish tune ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’, link below. The first seven introductory bars were handy enough, I’m guessing the remainder will be a little trickier.

The most important fact of life, it goes without saying, is that The Great Institution of Chatham Street is alive and kicking.

Indeed I am here as I write.

No better place to be.

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