Building a repertoire

Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring’ and ‘Over the rainbow’ are under the guitar belt.

The belt just needs a little tightening, I’ll get there.

There are many triplets in ‘Jesu’, three notes played to the timing of two beats, and so there are a lot of notes to be memorised for a relatively short piece (41 bars in total including a 16 bar repeat).

‘Rainbow’ has a lot of repetition in it however some of the finger combinations are a little tricky and it contains several harmonics (a guitar harmonic is played by lightly touching a string on the 5th, 7th or 12th frets and then pulling away the touching finger just as the string is plucked).

I seem to be building up a wee repertoire of classical guitar tunes.

Two pieces from a dude by the name of Ferdinando Carulli (Prelude no.1 and Andante in G) Cavatina, Jesu, Parisian Waltz, the Beatles ‘Blackbird’ and the intro’ to the Eva Cassidy version of ‘Autumn Leaves’.

The old folk tune ‘Greensleeves’ is next on the hit list. It’s a 33 bar piece, I’m up to bar 14.

That’s where the guitar land is lying these days, chat soon.

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