The sporting skin thing

It’s been another rough period for racial harmony in America.

A black man shot by police, more protests and marches as a result.

It remains something of a human mystery why it is that people are treated differently on account of something they have absolutely no control over, namely the colour of their skin.

A bit like having a disability, for want of a better description.

However, these things happen.

The recent anti-racism sporting protests, the marches and the media coverage are all very heartening but these are things that have happened many times before without significant change, so why would it be any different now?

Sport is actually something that has the opportunity to lead the way here and facilitate lasting change, however it needs more than mere player protests and gestures.

Most things in life revolve around money and so it is the owners of sports teams and clubs who will ultimately decide whether real sporting change occurs.

Racial harmony in sport needs somehow to be a financially attractive proposition for those who hold the reins.

Given that most of the global sporting power brokers are not people of colour then doubt remains as to whether this opportunity will be taken.

Time will tell.

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