The rush to judgement

For all it’s faults and middle class associations, I love the game of golf.

To play the game is to get a mirror image of who you are as a person. I do not stroll the fairways very much these days but I still appreciate and follow golf.

All of which leads me to the current national crisis.

Golfgate. The golf related dinner attended by many prominent figures last week which apparently breached current COVID-19 guidelines.

One minister has already resigned, other senior figures have stepped down and been censored, the demand for more heads to roll is strong.

This is understandable however it may well not be the correct course of action.

Calmness needs to be restored.Reason needs to prevail. Lessons need to be learned.

Having said all that, I won’t be shedding any tears if Phil Hogan bites the bullet.

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